Irrational ‘issues’ on my Facebook page….so time for a reminder, and boundaries…

Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

The internet is a place where cyber bullying, people arguing just to be provoking, other people’s issues and lack of boundaries, other people’s insensitivities, poor mental health, cognitive distortions, can all raise their ugly heads – and spill out and directed straight at the page admin, trying to help.

Often people don’t like some of what I post, but I am not in this for a popularity contest or to boost my ego – if I was – I would write exactly what most want to read – which is often unhealthy.

So, I wrote a reminder.

And if I loose half my likers, and keep half who really want to learn and heal – that’s absolutely great by me 🙂

What this page is about…

This page doesn’t just post popular platitudes and quotes… increase likers and remain popular….

This page validates, challenges, educates and raises awareness, of many…

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