Guest Blogging

Guest Bloggers Wanted


I want our blog to continue to be a source of inspiration, awareness, life-changing stories, and encouragement, and it’s a great way to keep in touch and support each other. Contribute by telling us your story! This can take many forms: a personal story dealing with depression or about any other mental or physical Illness ,  maybe tips, advice, counseling, thoughts on an awareness day, inspirational pictures, lessons you have learned through books, conversation or just with life experience itself. By sharing these things with us you are helping others. Contact us at We look forward to hearing from you.

15 thoughts on “Guest Blogging

  1. I can figure out how I might do this… keep breathing though… I’m not fast.
    ~ Eric


  2. What an amazing blog…thanks so much for visiting mine. I am truly humbled. This is so important to create awareness. Thank you so much for hosting this valuable blog. Blessings, Cheryl-Lynn


    • Thank you so much! Your words mean so much more than you know. My children inspired this blog because of their own problems they fight through and of course for myself and my own fight. After talking to my teens I realized how many children are out there that have no clue what’s going on with them and no information to help them find out. I wanted to be that information for them. I am so glad you like my blog and I am very Happy that I am now following yours. Best wishes!


  3. Hi there. I had signed up as a regular contributor to your blog when you first started but I could never sign on. Do you still have me listed? I would like to try it again. You can e-mail me privately if you wish at Thanks.


    • Yes, I do remember that. Every time you sent me a post it didn’t go through or I could find it. After that experience I decided to do things the old fashioned way and have you email me your post at instead. It makes it simple. Thanks for your interest in writing for us again. It means a lot:)


  4. How long do you want the posts to be? And what size pic? Tx


  5. Thank you for being brave and sharing here. I would love to cross-blog between your site and mine at We all are working to happiness through the tough pain that life can bring. Know that we are many, even if we don’t show the pain on the outside. -Alan


    • What a wonderful idea.I believe that we should all work together in order to raise awareness, happiness, and encouragement in order to help get through the hardships that life can bring us. 🙂


  6. This is interesting Darcsunshine, I would just like to invite you to use any of my posts on your site at anytime by re-blogging or copy and pasting, I have written some of my Fibromyalgia testimony on my Blog simply hoping to somehow help others, and maybe just give others a glimpse of life with a chronic disease.

    Y/T Hubert

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    • Thank you! I would love to use some of your posts on Youth of a Nation in order to help others.

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      • Thats great! I’m just posting single chapters of a Short Novel i’m in the process of writing right now, I think I have 15 chapters written and 9 posted, My hope is to start writing the remainder of the book when I have the first 15 posted, it’s been two years since I abandoned it due to depression and Fibromyalgia -hopelessness- this disease is hostile to the soul and tears us apart from the inside where only people of true compassion can see. Thus we pretty much carry the burden alone, in shame; and abuse whenever we cry out for help.


      • That is s very true. We all must come together in order to help others that have felt the same way as we have. Thank you for your support and I most definitely support you as well.


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