Connect with other Parents and teens


Everyday families

Family and friends can provide wonderful support in your journey through parenthood. When it comes to being a parent, some people have “been there, done that.” Others may have not yet “joined the club.” Both perspectives may be helpful, but sometimes you really need someone who is “in the game.” Sometimes you need the support and insight of someone who is at the same place and time as you and your family. Sometimes you really need to connect with other parents.

~Bloggy~ Moms Influential  Social Media Moms

The Bloggy Moms network is a community of influential social media moms.  Our members gather online and at our annual Bloggy Conference to discuss social media, technology, motherhood and to make personal connections with each other and brands.  The social mavens of Bloggy Moms share their posts and knowledge openly and freely – always eager to support each other.

Moms of Autistic children connect

For Mothers of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder to give support and share information with one another.

ADD Connect

ADHD Support Group: Parents of ADHD Children

Special Needs For Moms

A social network for families of children with special needs to connect, find information, share and offer support, and be inspired.

Fathers connect

FathersConnect is all about helping fathers of children with special needs. We aim to help fathers deepen their relationship with their child, connect with and give support to other fathers, take advantage of services available to them, and gain access to valuable information, experience and insights.



I am a teen with anxiety ~

Daily Strength ~

CRC Health group ~

Live Strong ~

Anxiety in teens ~

Time to change~


One thought on “Connect with other Parents and teens

  1. These are great resources; I took them down to check them out. Thank you!


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