True creative thinkers tend to be outsiders, non-conformists, rebels. This is clear. In order to think differently than others, one needs to be apart from others sometimes. In order to question established assumptions and find better alternatives, one has to be willing to rebel against the norms rather than unquestionably embrace the norms. Within groups, members are expected to conform to the rules and ways of the group, whether this is formalized in writing or silently understood by the members. Those who question those rules, or worse, break them, are likely to find themselves on the edge of the group, if not ostracized. Indeed, many of the most creative thinkers I know say that they feel on the outskirts of numerous social groups, but not a true member of any of them.  Most of my life I did not conform to ordinary rules and have always been bashed for it.  Though it is good to heed the advice of our elders and teachers I used my creativity and confidence to better myself. I learned that it is always more unique to be yourself and live by what makes you happen rather that conforming to society. In other words, I’m not going to let society transform me into being ordinary and out-of-touch with my true personality.   I started to understand that “different” can be positive, not negative.

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  1. Then have a ‘creative’ Christmas kind lady. Blessings and love to you and yours 😀 ❤


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