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Welcome to Youth of A nation! I am a mother of 5 beautiful children. Four years ago I met my husband who served his country and now suffers from PTSD and also has Bipolar disorder. He had two children from a previous marriage as did I. Since then we decided to have a child together which makes 5! It’s definitely challenging at times but the key is to work as a team. After I had my now 5 year old I have had a few health issues which can make things even harder. I have been suffering from Anxiety, Panic disorder, OCD , and depression since I was a little girl. Of course when I was younger I had no idea what was wrong with me. On top of all of that I developed a Chronic pain Illness as well.  Now I have a son who suffers from some of the same symptoms that I experience . One of my other children suffers from ADHD . He struggles day to day but, is making amazing progress. There are so many road bumps  in our life that can trigger these Illnesses and I would like to touch base on some of these issues. Sometimes you will see posts from my daughter, inspiration from my children, thoughts about life (along with my opinion at times),  and poems from friends and family. We all chip in a little to help others as well as ourselves. I have researched  everything from mental health disorders to parenting skills and so on. There will be information about parenting, Chronic pain, as well as mental health. In my life it is important for me to include all of these because it is apart of me and who I am today. I WANT TO MAKE THIS AN OPEN BLOG AS WELL.  I can use your help by sending me your knowledge, Ideas, thoughts, quotes etc… Everything  sent to me will get credit where credit is due. Please feel free to contact me. This blog is for all of those who need more information on their conditions or would like to contribute to the cause. The more we learn, the more we can try to live somewhat functional lives. So by all means stay for a while and check out “our Home”.

         ~Dedicated to my amazing and wonderful son~    

Some of the most extraordinary people have ever met are suffering from some form of mental illness their pain forces them to be honest it doesn't get any realer than that



“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.”



111 thoughts on “About Youth Of A Nation

  1. I have a son, just turned 15, who I have suspected for years has ADD (inattentive type). In Grade 4, his teacher complained verbally and in written report cards about his lack of focus, disorganization, and his tendency to wander aimlessly around the classroom or disappear for huge periods of time for daily bathroom breaks. When it came time to fill out the O’Connor form for ADD, he marked everything in the normal range. I can’t help thinking that he misread the form and the scoring sections and instead of 5 being the most severe, thought 1 was most severe and filled the form out that way. Flash forward to high school and the same comments are coming in strongly. His teachers have filled out their O’Connor forms and he scores very high for ADD. He refuses to accept this result, even when the doctor tried once again to explain this isn’t a psychological disorder but a brain processing disorder. He says he is stupid, slow, screwing up on purpose, anything but ADD. He refused both drugs and a referral for counseling. The only saving grace is that the school has just finished a major evaluation on him (results not available till January). He is failing science and is resisting a tutor. Any tips on how to get past his walls of denial and at least accept the possibility of ADD as a diagnosis with treatments he can explore? I’ve tried explaining ADD till I am blue in the face, as has the doctor, 2 teachers, and the guidance counsellor but he is not nudging. He is overall a good kid and not normally defiant or argumentative with adults except on this one issue. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    • I completely understand your concern. It is extremely hard for a child to accept it. Honestly their is only so much you can do. They have to come to terms with it on their own, but we can guide and help them towards that acceptance. I am having an issue with my oldest son with this. My husband and I have given him information, books, tips etc… but I realized I was pushing to hard. I backed off a bit and I have been trying to be patient with him. I did mention to him that there are so many successful people in the world that have ADD/ADHD….including famous individuals. Now I wait for him to come to me. It is so hard because we want what is best for our children. You did inspire me to write a post about this topic so thank you for your comment and concerns. I am here if you need support.

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  2. this may be helpful: http://www.empoweringparents.com/blog/communication/stressed-out-kids-5-coping-skills-you-can-teach-them
    also, I got some inside information fro a Trauma Releasing Energy consult that makes me think that releasing trauma is the way to go for anxiety and panic feelings that some people have since childhood. There are a few videos online at youtube. For instance, Dr Berceli explaining TRE for Self-induced, undifferenciated, therapeutic tremors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0NooNBBro0
    also search on youtube “Self-induced therapeutic tremors” and you will find that there are variations. It seems easy enough to self-learn and try… can’t imagine any harm occurring. As I understand this so far, this is similar or even the same technique that releases past life trauma. I recall reading about a yoga technique to begin shaking from the legs and upward. Also, Drunvalo Melchizedek explains a similar technique for releasing trauma with ramping up brain waves and using breathing and some exercises – probably it is yoga type exercises.
    hope all is well with you.
    Wishing you the happiest New Years.
    I am posting advance information more so on Facebook these days,.. it is much quicker there and I am a bit of a quick sort of pick-up on new information. https://www.facebook.com/Cellular.Eric
    ❤ 😀
    ~ Eric


    • Thank you so much for this useful information. I truly believe it can help me and my family along with others in need of some advice. I hope you Had a wonderful Christmas and wish you the best for the New year!

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  3. The adult ADD that springs forth as a companion to bi-polar disorder can be very taxing on anyone in the same zip code,not to mention the suffering afflicted.

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  4. Excellent post! I am impressed that you can do so much inspite the struggles you are challenged with. I think I am ADHD and probably have been all my life. But back “in those days” there was no such thing. We were just called brats and naughty children. I also have had to live with and heal from mental illness. I saw a psychiatrist for 15-20+ years. Those years were tough and rough, but I am who I am because of them. Nice to meet you! Best Wishes and Hugs!

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  5. Hi Darc
    I have Lyme Brain and don’t remember why I have a note to write you. You must have many times where you are to exhausted to blog. You can reblog anything of mine you think worthy. That would provide some relieve on the kicked in the gut days.
    Take care. Let me know If you needed from me.

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    • Thank you so very much! You are so right, there are days that I am just to sick or drained to blog. I would love to reblog or maybe you could be a guest blogger at times. That would truly help 🙂

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      • Darc
        What do you think about a couple of post on caregiving. They were written about taking care of my grandparents. I could rework, make them more generic vs age. If that would help you I have about four from an old blog I’m closing down. You could cut them up into more post because you know how long winded I get. Then you can use when you need. Talk to you soon.


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