The company we keep

Company you keep

“The company you keep will have a positive or negative impact on your self-image. Choose your friends wisely. People come and go, just be careful of the ones you choose to have remain in your life.”

As you go through life, you begin to realize how important having true friends really is.  Unfortunately as we go through this time, we realize the people we once counted on are no longer the people we once thought they were. The type of people you surround yourself with speaks of your values and what you stand for. Your beliefs and goals are constantly changing  and you need people around you that will help you and not detract from your life. We must associate with others that bring out the best in us.



3 thoughts on “The company we keep

  1. such powerful and beautiful – keep up!!!


  2. I have relegated myself to surrounding myself with me.


  3. … and the occasional dear old friend.


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