You are still with me


When we lose something that is precious to us, we are left with a feeling of sadness. Whether it is a precious friend or even a treasured object, the loss can be hard to bear. It is as if a part of you has gone missing. Throughout our life we amass collections of friends and treasured possessions. Having close relationships help us feel as if we are not alone in the world. When we lose someone or something that is precious to us, we may realize that there is a certain loneliness that can never be filled.

I have to be strong not for me
But for everyone else
I want to cry I want to scream
But no one can see my hollow tears
I keep you near to keep me sane
But the thought of you makes me sad
I want to hide and cry alone
But you are here and it keeps me real
I know you’ve left this solid ground
But in my heart you still live
You’ve kept me together for so long
So I will stay strong for everyone else

~Dedicated to the precious ones I have lost~


2 thoughts on “You are still with me

  1. Just remember to be strong for you too DarcSunshine. Wrap your arms around that loving heart inside that is you.
    Keep remembering those beautiful people and the love that they were to you, but give that love to you too. It is in loving yourself that keeps you strong and allows you to move forward.
    And yes, some days it is hard to just put one foot in front of the other, but on the good days you will notice that you are being loving to yourself and focusing on you. You are so worth that peace and beauty that you create.
    Sending light and love that each day is a good day. Mark

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    • Thank you so much for the advice! I couldn’t agree with you more. I hope you have a wonderful day my friend 🙂


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