My Family , My Strength


“My family is like a sanctuary to me.I turn to them for support and strength. I take comfort in knowing no matter which path I choose, my family stands behind me.”

Families are crucial in the development of human competence and character. Recent research tells us that the family’s influence is even greater than we have imagined. Families play a major role in how well children do in school, how well they perform on the job as adults and how well they contribute to society in general. Families have the first and foremost influence on our development. Despite the stress and troubles families face, there are ways to keep the family strong.

What makes families strong? Researchers have worked hard to answer this question and agree that strong, healthy families have nine traits in common). These traits have been found in families of different types, races, social backgrounds, nationalities, and religious beliefs.

The nine traits are:

  • caring and appreciation 
  • time together 
  • encouragement 
  • commitment 
  • communication 
  • cope with change 
  • spirituality 
  • community and family ties 
  • clear roles


My Family , My Strength

~Dedicated to my loving, caring, supportive family~


One thought on “My Family , My Strength

  1. Those are great traits for parents and all of us to keep in mind when being part of a family. Good post!

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