You are worth it


You choose something outside of the ordinary. A harder life, but one that is good. You see a need. You start giving more of yourself. And then your heart reaches out along with your hands. You sacrifice for the good of others. You give and you give and you give.

And then there is nothing left of you.

When you finally stop to notice, or are forced to notice, you realize you have lost something important. You are no longer the person you used to be.

In the middle of trying to do everything you find out you can’t. You discover that you aren’t able to juggle as much as needs to be done. Your hands are so full that they overflow. There is a mess splattered across the floor next to your feet.

A mess called your life.

I survived it all, and life is better now. But some of my friends and family walked away and some stuck by me without questions. I am so thankful for the people who stayed in my life.

I wouldn’t blame you for asking, Is it really worth it?

The Problem

When your story caused your life to be a mess, the temptation is to blame the story. To blame the decision. To blame the sacrifice. To blame the demands placed on you by others.

But all of these things are good. And even though it is likely you will have too much to do and things will become a mess, the better story isn’t the problem.


The problem is losing sight of what is important. Don’t lose yourself. We need you too much.


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