Youth of Nation is against bullying…are you?


“We focus so much on our differences, and that is creating, I think, a lot of chaos and negativity and bullying in the world. And I think if everybody focused on what we all have in common – which is – we all want to be happy.”

Some kids who are bullied believe it’s their fault. They think there is something wrong with them and they are worth picking on… but, don’t believe what they are saying. Believe in yourself. No one deserves to be treated like that. Bullying is bad… it makes you feel bad ­– but YOU are not bad – it’s the bullying that’s bad – not you! Remember you are not alone and it is not your fault. There IS help available. Bullying is a serious problem and all of the feelings that you have are to be expected. It’s time to TALK about the problem and GET HELP.

Find someone who you can trust and who will listen to you.


Children should be able to live a life free from bullying and harassment and it is time that we all took a stand against this.”

Bullying can affect everyone—those who are bullied, those who bully, and those who witness bullying. Bullying is linked to many negative outcomes including impacts on mental health, substance use, and suicide. It is important to talk to kids to determine whether bullying—or something else—is a concern. Although kids who are bullied are at risk of suicide, bullying alone is not the cause. Many issues contribute to suicide risk, including depression, problems at home, and trauma history.  This risk can be increased further when these kids are not supported by parents, peers, and schools. Bullying can make an unsupported situation worse. Listen to your children and look for the signs.

Kids who are bullied can experience negative physical, school, and mental health issues. Kids who are bullied are more likely to experience:

  • Comes home with torn, damaged, or missing pieces of clothing, books, or other belongings
  • Has unexplained cuts, bruises, and scratches
  • Has few, if any friends, with whom he or she spends time
  • Seems afraid of going to school, walking to and from school, riding the school bus, or taking part in organized activities with peers (such as clubs)
  • Takes a long, “illogical” route when walking to or from school
  • Has lost interest in school work or suddenly begins to do poorly in school
  • Appears sad, moody, teary, or depressed when he or she comes home
  • Complains frequently of headaches, stomachaches, or other physical ailments
  • Has trouble sleeping or has frequent bad dreams
  • Experiences a loss of appetite
  • Appears anxious and suffers from low self-esteem


~Inspired by my loving and caring Nephew~


5 thoughts on “Youth of Nation is against bullying…are you?

  1. yes… stand out against the rudeness and arrogance, those that act superior and above others… these may be bullies in the wings (with small but nasty horns growing in).

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  2. Well said. I was bullied throughout school including university and I think part of the problem is some people don’t see certain acts as bullying. I think we need to educate kids from young and throughout school as to what bullying is and how it impacts on victims.


  3. standing with you…I have worked in public school grades k-8 for the past 14 years…. Kids are very covert with bullying at times. Thank you for this informative post…I was bullied in high school, and the result was not good. All the best to loving and caring Nephew💙


  4. As a Father of two children, this is a very important post. My son has a severe hearing disability, has had to wear hearing aids for years now and as a result was bullied for his disability. It has been a long road to develop his confidence, encourage him to stand up for himself and not accept bullying as a fact of life.

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