Positive thinking…does it really help?

Living with Pain But Living

I’ve always thought what you give out is what you receive.  But then I got sick, and I had all this hope and knowing that the doctors were going to fix me, and I’d be right back at it in a week.  As the weeks turned to months and the months turned into years, that hope started to falter.  I’m a firm believer in positive affirmation and doing great things for people to live life fully, but I’ve come to realize that no matter how good you are, bad things will still happen.  Does this mean that hope and putting out the positive isn’t working?  For a while I thought so, and I just flat out gave up.  I thought, “Fuck it.  I keep saying this is it and I’ll be fixed, and they keep saying, sorry, we can’t help you.”  I was becoming angry and distant and almost lost…

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