Morning Anxiety / Coping Skills for Anxiety Attacks


I get anxiety as soon as I wake up in the morning. This is from the moment I open my eyes. It is like an attack of fear upon consciousness.

I have come up with some tools that help me to decrease the level of anxiety, when I remember to use them.

I have tried to find something to do before I get out of the bed that will help. For a while, I was getting on Pinterest from my cell phone. I would look up pictures of bunny rabbits. I found that those sweet silly creatures are healing to me.

I also like to look up artwork like paintings and drawings of fairies and mermaids. The fantasy world helped take my mind out of the stress of the upcoming day.

I also tried facebook, but personally that did not help me because it brought me into the real world…

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3 thoughts on “Morning Anxiety / Coping Skills for Anxiety Attacks

  1. Thank you for re-posting this. I hope it will be validating for people. I just posted a follow up to this post if you have a chance to view it. Morning Anxiety – Follow Up . People need to be heard and validated in order to heal.

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  2. I like the fact that Facebook didn’t help. That validates things for me. I’ve had anxieties probably since the ‘age of reason’ or at least, my first memories pretty much all evoke anxiety. I put up a new ‘fake’ me Facebook page & blocked all of my ‘closest’ [in geography & nexts of kin] family members. It has helped me a great deal. Also, I put up an artists page, with the Real me, the one I actually want people to remember. I’m not hiding behind a pen-name, or utilizing an alter ego, I just wanted to be me, without the scrutiny. Hence, blocked my brothers & their respective s/o’s & my mom.


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