Thought for the day~Helping others to help yourself

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For those of us who do help others, an uncomfortable question inevitably arises: how can I help someone else when I’m messed up myself? If I have Chronic pain, bad habits, relationship issues, fears and phobias, who am I to offer my assistance to someone else?  We are all on a journey and we all have issues to address and lessons to learn. We have to develop a level of comfort with ourselves, addressing the issues that cross our paths, while recognizing that we do not need to be perfect. If you are able to set aside your problems and remain in a centered and grounded place to help others than you are also helping yourself.

“Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.”


2 thoughts on “Thought for the day~Helping others to help yourself

  1. Sunshine, my honest comment is that at one point l felt likr no one was trying to help me because they all knew me as the super woman helper. I really think just helping others and hoping it helps you may not be the best of beliefs. It is not a bad one either :-[


    • I can absolutely relate to what you are saying. I was always “super woman” and was taken advantage of. However, with age I started to realize that you should only help others when it is appreciated and mutual. I also believe that it is important to give advice, love, and compassion to people that need it, It is one of the reasons that I created Youth of a Nation. I can honestly say that it has helped me and my family as well. Thank you so much for your opinion and honesty! I truly appreciate it.

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