Are there differences between men and women?

There are differences between men and woman, but the core qualities of inspiration from within, integrity, honor and faith remain. The difference is perhaps more one of tone, intuitive sensitivity, refinement and purpose – skillfully crafting our strength into a more gracious expression that nurtures children and loved ones, and that flows, inspires and cooperates harmoniously with the more masculine energies in life. I believe this is what distinguishes us from men. We are peacemakers, harmonizers. We are the glue that knits families together – that link between the father and the children, with the intuitive ability to understand the feelings and needs of both. We needn’t have power struggles and compete with the men in our lives for seniority or authority. We ought to encourage them to do what they, if for nothing more than the testosterone levels flowing through them, do best. Men need to feel like they can “be men” in order to be able to bring forth their best and put forth their best toward us. And when they do, it blesses everyone. And our strength shines brighter and more beautifully in harmony with theirs. Of course, no unreasonable or unhealthy excesses are acceptable in the balance between the sexes, but one of our major strengths and glories as women is in adapting, and encouraging and wisely influencing the process for good in harmony and unity, and not competitive self seeking, which divides. We ought to be secure in our sphere and quality of influence.



2 thoughts on “Are there differences between men and women?

  1. nice topic a simple question with a simple answer yet breeds so many questions that are free for personal opinions which cant be generalized .


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