Mental disorders are NOT adjectives!

The most challenging part of changing or removing any thought or feeling (stigma) is removing it from our “self”. I genuinely feel that I do not want to be considered “normal” in a world where people accept disrespect, dishonesty, lack of compassion, empathy, and lack of unconditional love. Once you remove the stigma from yourself, and do not accept it from others, NO ONE can put that stigma on you….whatever they say has no meaning, if we do not accept it.


14 thoughts on “Mental disorders are NOT adjectives!

  1. Reblogged this on Crazy Good Parent and posted to the Crazy Good Parent Facebook wall. Thanks for a great start to a lousy morning.


  2. Good point! I’d love a world where love, compassion and understand is the norm.


  3. I re-blogged as well! Hope that’s okay!


  4. I absolutely love this!! Although, I do struggle but for the most part I only want to be around people who give and do these things. And I want to always be one of those people in return~ Be blessed


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