Why Are We So Hurtful to Others (A Personal Story)

Bullying Stories

Sophie asks the question all victims of bullying ask. Why can’t we just be kinder to each other. Why can’t we all just get along. Only each individual can decide how to think and unfortunately, we can try to change how others think, but it is truly a philosophical question with no easy answer. I wish there was. ~Alan Eisenberg

girlbullying When I was in preschool I remember getting teased on a regular basis by one specific girl. In her mind there was nothing wrong with pinching me over and over, making my arms red, and yelling at me. It was all fun and games for her and a nightmare for me. All I ever wanted was to make others happy and be friends with everyone. She made it impossible to come to school and not worry about whether I would be pinched or not. I would come home crying trying…

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