How to Face Life’s Ups And Downs Bravely~Guest post

Emotions that we experience in life will ebb and flow. Sometimes we are on a high and then we find ourselves in such a terrible low that we wonder how we got there. Have you ever been so bothered about a problem that you felt so hopeless? On such nights you would find yourself tossing and turning in bed and when you finally do fall asleep, the nagging thoughts come back. You open your eyes and you try to remind yourself what it was that was bothering you earlier. Your memory at that time will not fail you, and you will remember. Then again starts the tossing and turning.

Different things bother people. Sometimes you could be bothered with something and when you relate it to someone, it leaves them wondering what the big deal is. For those who will prove to be good friends, any problem of yours will not be too small for them because as long as it is bothering you, they will show some empathy.

That brings me to the point about friends. Many a times when we feel so overwhelmed with our life problems, sharing those problems feels like a weight has been lifted off our hearts. Talking about our problems no matter how small affords us the opportunity to get to hear other’s points of view. They may have gone through the same problem themselves at a point in their lives and they came out of it successfully. Any gems of wisdom they share will be of great use to you.

Another thing that helps in depressing times is having a realistic view of ourselves. Our own failings can sometimes make us feel a little down. This happens when we set goals that are too high for ourselves. Whenever that happens, it helps to sit down and write down the things that you value most about us. Write down the things you have accomplished. Make that list as long as you can. Keep that list close to yourself and keep on referring to it whenever you feel down.

The mind is interesting. What you feed it on could either make it thrive or make it wither away and die. Suppose something bad has happened to you, if you keep recalling it, it is bound to grow in leaps and bounds. So when a bad thought comes to mind, get up and get busy. Soon enough, your mind would be distracted and other thoughts, more up building thoughts, will fill up your mind.

Having a proper diet and enough rest makes a world of a difference. Sometimes when you push your body too hard, it makes it less resistant to every day pressures. Any time you feel like you are approaching a break down, take some down time. It will greatly help and it doesn’t need to be a holiday overseas. Just a nap could do. We all have things that bring us a bit of comfort. Pick one of those things and do it. If possible, switch off your phone and just be alone for a little while and pick up your pieces.

The advice to live one day at a time works miracles. A myriad of things may be wrong now but a host of other wonderful things are happening. So choose to focus on the good things and with time, you will be able to sort out the rest of things. What we often forget is that things change and often for the better. The job that is currently stressing you may be here today and then next thing you know, you have a different job. Nothing stays the same forever. What you need to do is maintain a positive attitude and do what you can to lessen the agony you may be feeling. Take all the help that is offered to you. There is nothing to be ashamed of to say that you need help.


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