You’re child is special! With or without a disability

 Accept the fact that your child, like all children is imperfect. 

You have to make a few  adjustments in your parenting skills and the way you interact with your child with a disability. It’s not easy to accept that there’s something not quite “normal” about your child. But a child who senses his parents’ resentment and their pessimism about his prospects is unlikely to develop the self-esteem and can-do spirit he’ll need in order to become a happy, well-adjusted adult. For a child to feel accepted and supported, he needs to feel that his parents have confidence in his abilities. Once parents learn to look at the gifts of their child they can see the shine inside them. I believe that all of my children are destined for something wonderful! Don’t you?


6 thoughts on “You’re child is special! With or without a disability

  1. My 2 year old son has to be tested for autism next month, at first I was upset when they told me, I was worried for him. But it doesnt matter at all, he will always b e my perfect little boy. 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on Listen Through My Heart and commented:
    This is so important. In my own family, the other parent treats disability like something that is someone’s fault. I will not forget he and his mother asking when Little AoA would “be done with those special classes”. Brother AoA has been told that he will want to kill people or himself if he is treated for anxiety with medication (under a doctors care). Children who live with disabilities need a strong, loving, and supportive parent…


  3. Great! Reblogged it… My youngest, Little AoA, has verbal apraxia (discovered around 15 months). Big brother-anxiety which escalated after separation (as he was being manipulated, gaslighted, and brainwashed by the psychopath father). I know that all of my kids are destined to make a difference in this world! 💙


  4. Great! loved this. All children are special


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