Finding your “tribe”

There are people out there who are just as weird as you who will value you and your gifts because they’re uniquely yours, not despite them being yours. The unique value that you bring to the world can only be done by you and the more you try to fit in, the less remarkable you’ll be. The more you accept and share your gifts, the more you will stand out and be able to connect with people who want to be around you for who you are. I know this is terrifying because that means you’ll be seen, but you have tried hiding out and what did that get you? the more you understand that your weirdness isn’t a bad thing and something to hide in the closet, The more you’ll be able to find those people who see how uniquely beautiful you are rather than how weird you are. Think about it…




2 thoughts on “Finding your “tribe”

  1. Building my tribe now…there are more warriors fighting in the same tribe than I ever imagined!


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