Thought for Thursday:Our children’s mental health


Life is only but a dream.

But a nightmare is what it seems.

Breathing poison in and out,

is this what it’s all about?

Souls are doused in fear and pain,

put in this world only to go insane.

Sleepwalking through the day,

telling people i’m okay.

The heart and mind is just what’s breaking,

while on the outside I am shaking.

If life is only but a dream,

I want to go back to reality. 

Is this what are children could be thinking? Pay attention and help your teen in anyway possible. I will provide a few links to help you do just that. Stay strong!



2 thoughts on “Thought for Thursday:Our children’s mental health

  1. The teen years are quite challenging. The few years can feel like an eternity of helplessness… Great post and links!


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