Doing what you love to beat depression


I love to read, write, listen to music and draw. I have little time to do these things, but when I do those activities make me feel at home in the world, a little bit safer and a little bit stronger. It’s taken practice to become aware of which activities I enjoy, despite being depressed.

When I was a teenager, my mom and dad used to encourage me to draw. It felt like a waste of time but I did it anyway. It helped me pass the time and I felt proud and accomplished with having created something at the end of the day. If you’re really depressed, you might not enjoy any activity at all, but if you do what you used to love, It can bring joy back into your life. Plus, you’ll be connecting with your self outside of your depression. Your depression hasn’t stolen your passions from you permanently. Your heart is still there, loving what it loves.

The things we love give us energy, hope, purpose, and meaning – all of these things are great tools in coping with depression. Don’t forget to give yourself credit for trying to reconnect with the things you love. Everything you do to comfort yourself and self-nurture while healing from depression is important and valuable.

You’re worth it!




8 thoughts on “Doing what you love to beat depression

  1. Oh, how lovely!! 🙂 We must have been feeling the same vibe today!! .-) Even my post today is about art and art therapy 🙂


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