Diamonds in the rough


Many of our precious young people are going through dangerous lengths to be accepted by as many people as possible.  It seems that in high school, being popular and well-liked is the dream of many teenagers.They see great rewards in being popular. They view popularity as being  important and included. For many teenagers, the worst thing is to be considered the dreaded word-unpopular. Unpopular teenagers are often viewed as outsiders and outcasts in high school. However, there is some positives regarding teenagers who do not follow the crowd and pursue their individual paths.They enjoy meeting people one on one and are often great listeners. These traits help establish connections that go beyond the surface. You may end up with life long friends, who knows? As a parent, Were you popular or unpopular in high school?  How did this effect you later on in life? Are your children popular or unpopular? If they are unpopular, how does that make you feel? 



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