Life is weird so wouldn’t we be? Just a little?


Weirdness.  Most of us are, most of us pretend not to be.

But what’s so wrong about being a natural born weirdo anyway?  Why do most of us pretend to be “average” and “normal”, putting on airs and graces and stony-faced masks to get by in a society that values “normalcy”?  For acceptance of course! But why not accept ourselves first?  Why not honor and embrace it and who you are!

* Tips on how we can be more weird in all that we do by Seth Godin Author of  We Are All Weird *

  1. Ignore tips
  2. Embrace the edges
  3. When you’re afraid, figure out why, question the fear, not the edge


Alright so here’s the deal…I believe this is a topic that many individuals would have an opinion, thoughts or ideas on. I mean honestly do we know what is weird or normal? Why not write a little something about it and put your views out there? You can include quotes, pictures and of course your own experiences if you feel comfortable doing so. It will be just like a guest post and you will get full credit. Just email me at! I can’t wait to hear other peoples thoughts on this subject 🙂 

7 thoughts on “Life is weird so wouldn’t we be? Just a little?

  1. I’m there DarcSunshine! Love the inspirational prompt… Weird shouldn’t be too hard😉


  2. I just might have something I could write about pertaining to this subject


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  4. Normal or weird? Conform or Rebel? Follower or Leader? Historically, many of the people that changed our world, for the better or worse, were considered “weird”. Einstein, Ben Franklin, Newton, Picasso, Da Vinci. Hitler, the list goes on and on. In my opinion, these so called weirdos and the changes and ideas they had and proved, are part of the reason our society wants us all to be normal. If we all conform and think inside the box, nothing changes. People fear change and its ok to be afraid, but without fear, there can be no courage.

    In all reality, how many of us can say that we are totally normal, or even know someone that is? I am willing to bet that the weirdos are NOT the minority. We just have to overcome our fear of the normality of everything, because we all know that a lot of things need to change.

    Thanks! Stay Weird!!


    • Wow! Thank you so much for commenting! I really think you gave people something to think about which is awesome. I’m almost considering using this comment as a guest post if you are interested….


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