Poetry challenge winner ~ALONE~



Recently I posted a Poetry challenge. I received a few poems all of which were good, but none did what the challenge said to do. With that being said, I chose one regardless because it shows emotion and that is what we are looking for. This person let their guard down to share this with us and would like to remain anonymous. His poem will be added on ourWay to vent” page. Congrats to you!


My heart aches. I feel as though I am drowning in my own tears. My loneliness is killing me. I long for love. Not just any love, but real love is what I search for. I dream of a woman who demolishes my heartache. Her long, flowing hair.  Her body pressed close against my own. When I look into her eyes, my world seems full and complete.  When I wake, the only memories I have are of my heartache and pain, though I feel something more is inside myself, yearning, aching, longing to be free.  I have so much love to give, so many feelings I wish to share, but I must keep them to myself because of the simple fact that I am alone.


I flirt and wonder, “could I love you? Would you love me back?”  It is this fear that lets it go no farther.  It is this fear that is the reason that I am alone. 


I am surrounded by happy people.  People who are involved in happy relationships, but are they truly happy?  The only ones that know are themselves.  I am jealous of these so-called “happy” people.  I wish I had someone to love, someone to hold, someone to hold me. Not only do I want to love, I want to be loved in return, but who will love me for who I am and not for the things I have done?  It is these things, that I have done, that are the reason I am alone.


Not only does my heart ache, but others feel the same.  I am the reason they feel alone. I am sorry.  I can make no more excuses, for only then will I be able to take the blame for the things I did.  Then I will be able to love.  Not just any love, but real love.  The love I search for.  But until then, I am alone.



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