Lost and need to be found


I had it once, now it’s gone

Like a knot it’s been undone

Was once so tight, now so slack

Happy times I wish I could have back

I sit at home, and feel so lonely

But so many questions floating around my head

Confusions rains down, it pours

Pandora’s Box, I’ve opened the doors

No sign of anyone who can help

No sense of feelings or of myself

Where I can find the answers

Who am I? What am I?

Am I a dream? Or am I the dreamer?

How do my thoughts start? What makes them end?

I know I over analyze, I can’t help it

Thinking and gazing into space, as I sit

Why can’t I accept the wisdom of those around

Not letting myself accept the answers I’ve found

I want to free myself from my mind

And not just to pretend

Everything’s okay everything’s fine




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