Guest blog:The pit-dwellers

The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel is being written to reach out to victims of abuse as well as to provide some education to the general public about abuse. As a former victim, Secret Angel represents the many nameless and faceless victims of abuse. No one can understand that feeling of being trapped and that feeling of hopelessness–unless they have lived it. Now, as an overcomer of abuse and domestic violence, Secret Angel is reaching out to help others to also overcome their situations with information and inspiration to see THE LIGHT that led her out of darkness. God rescued her from abuse when she was so broken that she did not even know that she was being abused, and she wants to help others.


was a term I heard today.
And many dig their own holes…
by the very words they say.
For there is Power…
in each word spoken.
So are your words empowering…
or keeping you broken.
For the tongue is like a rudder…
that can steer a big ship.
It is also like a shovel…
that can dig it’s own pit.
So stop dwelling in a pit…
of your own negative making.
Begin to speak positive…
even when all is shaking.
Beware of the words you speak…
like do you say you are a mess?
But even when all falls apart…
do you say you are still blessed?
Do you say you are sick?
Or do you say I am healthy?
Do you say you are poor?
Or do you say I am wealthy?
So speak blessings…
and change the path you’re on.
You will climb out of your pit…
and sing a new song.
Because your words will steer you…
in the direction you will go.
So the Power of the Spoken Word…
is something we all need to know.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2014.


One thought on “Guest blog:The pit-dwellers

  1. Heather, thank you so much for the guest blog post and sharing the information about my blog. I was so excited that you had included information about The Abuse Expose’. So many are wounded and do not even realize the damage that has been done to them by words and various abuses. Thanks for sharing my message. You are a blessing to me! May God pour out His blessings upon you!!!


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