Kids have stress too!

The key to helping kids manage stress is teaching them to problem-solve, plan and know when to say yes and no to activities and commitments, she said. It isn’t to “make everything smooth and comfortable.”

“If you don’t teach [your kids] how to manage stress, they will self-medicate with food, drugs and alcohol.” In other words, kids will reach for something to make them feel better right away, and usually it won’t be something healthy, she said.

Here’s how you can help your kids manage stress successfully.

1. Stop over scheduling

2. Make time for play.

3. Make sleep a priority.

4. Teach your kids to listen to their bodies.

5. Manage your own stress.

6. Make mornings calmer.

7. Prepare your kids to deal with mistakes.

For kids a lot of stress comes from the fear of making mistakes. Remind them that they’re not supposed to know “how to do everything or do everything right.” We live and learn.


 Here is a link that might help as well:




2 thoughts on “Kids have stress too!

  1. Wonderful post! I hope lots of parents read this. Children need time to just dream.


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