Our teens need a self confidence booster



Many of today’s teenagers struggle with low self-esteem due to a variety of factors including peer pressure, changing bodies, and success in academics or sports. Being a teen is hard. Everything and everyone can sometimes feel like they’re against you and better than anything you could ever hope to be. But with a little hard work, you can feel your best while doing your best and project the kind of self- confidence that gets you ahead in life. Here are just a few ideas that might help…

1.Do things with your life that inspire and interest you. It does not have to be a paying job it could be anything. This is generally good advice for anyone of any age. There are lots of different things to do so choose something that you think is rewarding or important. This will go further than anything else to raise your self-esteem.

2.Volunteer. Volunteering is a great way to boost your self-esteem. You will do valuable things for others and you can often boost your own skills while doing it. You can work in a local soup kitchen, build houses for Habitat for Humanity, or start your own volunteering group based on an issue which is important to you. These types of experiences also look very good on college applications.

3.Be assertive! Don’t just let people push you around. Don’t just give in to the desires of everyone around you. It’s good to try and make people happy and it’s good not to be self-centered, but you need to focus on you and being your own person. Being assertive, standing up for what’s right for you, will do a lot for your self-confidence and self-esteem. Make sure to voice your opinion on things that are important to you.

Our children need our help for the sake of their mental health. Get involved, learn ways to help and talk to your child. Stay Strong!


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3 thoughts on “Our teens need a self confidence booster

  1. wow – Cory really put it nicely – there is a balancing that may only occur when identity is something to flow with us and fighting it only makes for a profoundly dysfunctional inner turmoil… it turns out that the ego really couldn’t care less what I do as long as I stop fighting it and be myself. It loves to take up bits and pieces – half understood rules and provide quick fixes – it can bring them up all to its own convenience to hide from the truth of its waling fears. Can Cory or you or I make a difference alone – nah… we learn to be love by cooperation and eliminating attacks and grandiose… humility, honesty, openness to a higher truth that we alone have in ourselves and willingness to share and help and give genuine loving service to others in need.
    Love your blog!
    ~ Eric


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