Assumptions never get you anywhere



I always put my best face on just like everyone else does.  I guess that’s why it might be easy to make assumptions about other people. Some people don’t even take the time to know themselves. Everyone has stress. I know I sure do.  For some it might be health, relationships, financial problems or work related issues. Life is full of surprises so there is no way to know.  Even when the person reaches out to you we can never really know the extent of what is effecting them. I am far from perfect but I try to stop myself from judging others and being critical or cruel to others. I chose to smile and say something nice and I chose to speak up against the wrongs in this world. I try to help others learn more about life’s bumps in the road and issues they might be suffering from even though I suffer as well. I can relate to others because of this. It took a lot of years and mistakes for me to get to this point. Speak out, learn more and listen for yourself and for others. Stay Strong!


2 thoughts on “Assumptions never get you anywhere

  1. Would be nice if it worked… But online, you never know who you’re pissing off and who you’re not. I hate socializing lol, but I’m trying. Heather, was it something I wrote that hurt your feelings?


    • No, not at all It’s not you. I was thinking of the topic and wanted to write about it. I am also having family issues right now so that doesn’t help much. In the real world we all tend to make assumptions, especially online. That is just reality, but I am trying…


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