Giving thanks to you…yes you!



I want to thank each and everyone of you for visiting my site. My inspiration for this blog came from my children and I originally started this in hopes of helping others with mental health and physical illnesses as well. When I was younger I wasn’t available help like this. I honestly had no idea what was “different” about me. This is one of the reasons I fight so hard for children, parents, and teens that are confused as I once was. I write from life experience, research and common sense and what I don’t know I will find out. Your support is a great comfort and it means so much to me. Whenever you like, comment, or reblog one of my posts it gives me a sense of happiness. It also is a reminder of how much things will hopefully improve in the near future if we all continue to stick together and support each other. I love how we all learn from one another. You have improved my life to some extent and I never even met you. I want you all to keep writing, fighting and stay strong!




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