Ignorance or knowledge? what do you choose?


Is it “chosen” ignorance or a lack of knowledge, that which plagues humanity? Well, to be honest, it’s a little bit of both actually. Some “choose” to be ignorant in their actions and some just lack the knowledge to enable themselves more power. Both are hurting themselves, but the one who chooses ignorance is actually damaging themselves more than those who are without knowledge.
Choosing to be ignorant, simply means that you stop yourself from learning and nothing more. You have already made up your mind so you ignore new knowledge from being learned. It is really sad, when someone decides to choose ignorance over learning, because they believe they already have the knowledge they need for their entire life. This is false, foolish and human nature misunderstood by them.They make decisions or choices, solely based on old knowledge and past experiences, without imagination or fore-sight. 
There are more people choosing to be ignorant than there are who have no access to knowledge. Some of us just have a lack of choice when we are young. Many people pick up a lot of knowledge from the streets of the cities and the people who live out there. I feel that life experience is important, but as parents we must make sure to give our children access to the knowledge they need at home as well. More and more kids are learning dangerous things on the streets, when they should be home safely and learning moral values, which have been on a spiraling decline over the years. The question remains, if the problem is a lack of knowledge, then what has prevented them from receiving that proper knowledge?

The beauty of life is that we can control what we do. We can, on an individual basis, prevent other people from manipulating others by standing by the person who is being manipulated. We can show them the truth and let them decide from themselves. It requires a person to always keep an open mind, to the possibilities, that there are factors that they are not aware of or do not see. Many people think “choice” is an illusion, as is “control”. What many people fail to realize is that there is nothing stronger than the human will or it’s mind.

~Stay Strong~


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