Sometimes it’s the small things that matter


Sometimes it’s the small things in life that mean the most to us, particularly when we’re unwell. That perfect song that you relate to that gives you joy or even despair, but either way it helped you get through your day. Maybe a movie or even a that made you laugh so hard it hurts. Sometimes it is the people in our lives that get us through the hard times too. Your child’s smile, a friend that stuck by your side through thick and thin, family that cares so much about your wellbeing that they will do anything to help you. These important people in our life don’t always know the right way to approach things when it comes to metal health or any illness for that matter. Don’t punish them for trying, simply explain your feelings and educate them. They don’t need to be an expert to be there for someone, sometimes the little things like sending a text to say you’re there for someone or giving them a call to ask them how they are can make a big difference.

One thought on “Sometimes it’s the small things that matter

  1. Sometimes I wish I had a male companion – friend in my life – someone to lean on when I don’t feel strong, but I don’t think that is possible.


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