How sharing my story made a difference

Help someone today! Share your story ❤

The Invisible F

no shame

There is something to be said of sharing stories.

Sharing stories connects people.

They help people.

Stories help others understand. And they help people get the help they need.

Sharing stories makes people realise ‘hey, wait a minute, she’s not so different from me.’

It brings the truth to realisation.

Never stop sharing stories. One day sharing your story will help someone to understand, relate, connect and empathise.

For many years I could not share. I come from a place, with a culture of not recognising depression as a real illness. The stigma is great. The lack of understanding and support is profound even within the medical profession.

I had resolved never to talk about it with most people from the country of my origin, including my own family.

But one day, I realised the importance of continuing to share. My father said to me: “I could never understand…

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