Whether you have low self-esteem, you’re introverted, highly sensitive, anxious, quiet, or just plain awkward, if you feel nervous and uncomfortable around other people, I want to help you become confident. I know that, as much as you’d like to deny it, there’s a bundle of uniqueness caught up inside you and that, if only you could let it out, everyone would see that you are pretty damn awesome. Accept yourself for who you are rather than comparing yourself to others. List your accomplishments, strengths, and embrace them. What other people are able to do with or without anxiety in no way diminishes what you do or who you are. Remember, It’s unrealistic to tell yourself you should be able to handle a given situation without some form of worry. Look for reasons why it actually is ok to be experiencing  anxiety and what strengths you have to endure. Don’t let your negative thoughts control you!
~Stay Strong~

One thought on “Confidence

  1. Great advice. So true.

    I don’t feel depressed anymore, because I have accepted who I am and I have practiced not allowing the opinions of others to define who I am, but I do experience anxiety. Oftentimes, I realize it is a subconscious trigger due to stress and unnecessary worry – because worry is never necessary. During these times, I take a deep breath and focus on feeling the pain, while telling myself, “You are not in danger. Your body is incapable of understanding that stress is not danger. You are not going to die. Nothing bad is going to happen to you. The things that you are stressing over will work themselves out; they always do. It will be over soon. It won’t last forever.”

    I say these words like a mantra and this helps alleviate my anxiety.

    As for when I was depressed, I simply went to bed and slept, because when I woke up my body reset itself. Eventually, I was able to change the situation that was causing me to feel unhappy or unworthy, so that I chose to depress myself. I acknowledged that my depression could be controlled by my thinking to a certain extent, but that I was going to have to change my circumstances to fit my value system. But nothing truly eradicated my depression until I began to love myself and except myself unconditionally, which meant deciding to no longer care what others thought of me or striving for what others have. Of course, what I am saying is that after I chose to become self-respecting, respecting of others, and accepting personal responsibility for who I am, what I feel and how I behave; after doing all these things, if people still were not accepting of me, then I knew that there unacceptance was their weakness, not mine.

    I know depression can be overcome. Our thoughts will eventually change the chemical makeup of our brain to a large extent. That’s why it’s so important to focus on how you think, because if you don’t change the way you think the stress will continue to alter the chemical makeup of your brain which causes the disturbance of depression and it is the same with anxiety.

    It takes practice, but it can be done.


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