What valentine’s day is to me


I think it’s lovely to spend time telling someone how much you love them. It’s a hallmark holiday now centered on romantic love, but I think it should be about all kinds of love – whether it’s for your family, friends or your own self.There are so many ways to love! It’s caring about someone and wanting them as a part of your life. It’s knowing that you are who you are because of them. It’s about realizing how amazing you are and loving yourself for it! For all of our chatter about significant others needing “date nights” to reconnect, our daily actions matter far more than occasional interludes to rekindle romance. Only if you spend everyday caring about these important people and loving them is it possible to celebrate the love you share. It’s a daily practice of love, but it is nice to take out time to do something special for someone as well. For me It is about my love for my family. They have been there for me through thick and thin. I am one lucky woman!

~Stay Strong~




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