When Your Child Is The Victim of Bullying

Hope For Hurting Parents

frustrationBullying is a major problem in schools today. It’s huge. And now cyber-bullying is on the increase. This past week I listened to the tragic story on the evening news about a teen who committed suicide because of how cyber-bullying devastated them. How awful.

As parents we want to protect our children from every kind of pain. We’ll do anything in our power to shield them from the hurts of life. We’d rather be the one to suffer instead of them. If we could, we’d take their place.

If only we could.

According to a 2009 survey by the American Psychological Association (APA), “almost half of tweens and teens report suffering from stress symptoms related to being bullied — headaches, problems sleeping and eating disorders are a few. Bullying may be the most prevalent form of violence in the schools and likely to affect the greatest number of students.”


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