Strange Days

The music video for “Strange Days” depicts a young homeless girl begging for change outside an office building, and being turned down by a woman passerby. Interspersed are “strange” happenings (such as the street turning to dusk) and a flashback sequence showing the girl running away from an abusive father. Throughout, a disheveled and unshaven Matthew Good is depicted interacting with the video’s characters, though his presence goes unnoticed. At the climax of the song the woman leaves the building, once again dismissing the girl’s and a still unnoticed Good’s request for change. The young runaway watches as the woman steps off the curb into the path of an oncoming van. The runaway springs up to save the woman, sacrificing herself in the process. Fading in, the girl’s ghost is shown watching paramedics as they close a body bag over her. She finally acknowledges Good, who is now clean shaven and wearing an all black suit, revealing his role as an angel of death. The final blurred shot depicts a little girl skipping down a tunnel toward a bright light.


2 thoughts on “Strange Days

  1. Yep. That sums up why we should treat all people with respect. You never know…and most people can’t look past their noses to see the possibilities.


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