Parenthood: funny but yet serious stuff

A lot of such shows about family lack confidence in their subject: they assume that viewers will get bored and tune out, and so immediately load up the melodrama and over-the-top crises. To its credit, Parenthood doesn’t. Oh, there are plenty of problems: drug issues, love issues, mental health disorders, and a couple twists I won’t spoil. But in the grand scheme of TV, it’s pretty small, real stuff.

It’s the writing, and the serious-comic tone, that manage that. Parenthood occupies a place on the comedy-drama spectrum somewhere between Modern Family and thirtysomething, and it’s a daring place to go, requiring actors who can sell the comedy while showing that their characters are joking as a way to deal with things that seriously matter to them.

If you are interested you should definitely give the show a whirl. Enjoy!


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