Mental illness with a side of guilt


-Why is it, that far to often my anxiety and depression comes with a pipping hot side of guilt???
-I suppose it truly does affect my loved ones. Sometimes I wish they would educate themselves more on my illnesses..anything to to try and better understand that NONE of my actions associated with my illnesses is personal! I could say this until I’m blue in the face, but there’s always someone who takes offense at my behavior or decisions.
-Today for example, I’m supposed to go to dinner with the bf at his parents house. I like them,don’t get it twisted. They are kind, hardworking and decent people. But the idea of going to dinner at their house makes me want to scream and cry. How messed up is that? They’ve been nothing but nice to me. It’s not awkward, it’s not like a cringe worthy experience. Basically..I have no viable…

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