You are not your Illness


A few things to understand about chronic illness:

  • Chronic illness can mean your friend has chronic pain and has to make adjustments to many aspects of their life. The following might help you understand what they’re going through:
  • Illness can often affect a person’s mobility or independence and that this is often a huge adjustment for a young person to make;
  • Bad days really suck and the frustration can sometimes be overwhelming and people aren’t as patient or relaxed as they usually are;
  • Illnesses don’t always make sense. On Monday your friend may be fine, and by Tuesday they could be in tears with pain. “Flare ups” can start in a matter of minutes (e.g. Asthma attacks)…or may come on over days and so plans may need to be adjusted or postponed. Flare ups are often difficult to predict;
  • If they seem to disappear off the social radar for a while, it may just be that they’re not feeling well at the time and not that they don’t want to catch up or go out;
  • No two people are the same even if suffering with the same condition.
  • They are still the same person. Illness DOES NOT define a person.


~Stay Strong~


One thought on “You are not your Illness

  1. Thanks for sharing this important knowledge.


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