Sometimes I don’t know why he loves me as much as he does


My depression is a huge struggle for not only me but my husband too. I hate that, but yes I’ve said it. My mental health truly affects those nearest and dearest to me. It affects how much I get done each day around the house. It affects whether or not we even get out of the house. It affects our sex life. It affects my husbands stress level and his happiness. I feel so very guilty on a regular basis but, fortunately, i am lucky enough to have a man that is patient and understanding. I am so grateful to have him in my life!


9 thoughts on “Sometimes I don’t know why he loves me as much as he does

  1. That’s what marriage is about right, being there in sickness and in health, in good time and in bad. When you love someone you love all of them.


  2. I feel the same when whenever feelings of depression haunt me. I ask my boyfriend why he’s so patient with me and he just chuckles. I am so lucky to have his unconditional support. It’s kind of like finding peace and calmness when even though I claim I just want to be alone, he still wants to hug me.
    Beautiful blog!


  3. When there’s love in the heart, everything is perfect in the world. Everything.

    Your husband, no doubt, has a perfect world (as do you!). 🙂


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