Thinking too much?


As an introvert, sometimes I think too much.

A defining attribute for us introverts but a little balance is good too!

Thinking is not a bad thing if it is solution oriented. It can otherwise lead to a downward spiral. It’s obsessive and compulsive behaviour and can be changed.

It can paralyse and lead to depression.

It is unhealthy if:

  1. You start reviewing the same thoughts (ruminating)
  2. You are not taking actions on your thoughts
  3. You are only thinking about negative events and actions and not seeking solutions
  4. You are only creating obstacles and ideas with no solutions

Here are a few ways to get out of the trap:

  1. clear your mind
  2. write down the possible solutions and choose one (perhaps a pro and con list)
  3. take some action
  4. live in the present
  5. find an activity you love to free yourself from the thinking
  6. quit looking for perfection
  7. ask the right questions – if you are getting the wrong answers all the time, it’s clearly time to change the question
  8. act on FACTS not BELIEFS

Try it out. Seek balance and make your thinking time positive and proactive. Otherwise, it’s time to slow it down and shut it out. Thinking is only one part of life, doing is the other.


One thought on “Thinking too much?

  1. Great article. True words. I’ve lived them.


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