Voices of Fibromyalgia


Voices of Fibromyalgia | Today we celebrate children and teens with chronic illness. Do you know or have a child with Fibromyalgia? What is their daily life and interactions like living with this illness? Did you develop your Fibromyalgia when you were a child or teen? What was life like for you growing up and how did you manage your pain and social interactions with people? How is life now as opposed to when you were a child or teen? If you are a teenager now, how does Fibromyalgia affect your daily life? School, Home, Cognitive function, Friendships…ect. How did you or your parents discuss Fibromyalgia to your doctors and how did they treat you before and after your diagnosis? Children and Teens VOICES matter! Let’s all give a hand for those who are too young to to have to be so strong.


7 thoughts on “Voices of Fibromyalgia

  1. such a hidden illness but such a painful one to deal with. I’ve worked with clients who suffer. this is such an important illness to bring awareness about! because often the suffering is silent!


  2. It is a hidden illness and I keep the fact that I have it hidden to, this is the only place I really talk about it. It is because I know that no one will believe me. I have had some of the symptoms since I was 14 yet no one really listened to me and told me its just a phase and ill get over it.


  3. I’ve had for as long as I can remember. I am glad they are finally realizing that children have it too.


  4. I was a kid and teen with it and did not know what it was! I was the weird one, the hypochondriac, etc. . . I was relieved when I was finally given a name and medicines to help relieve it – in my forties!


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