Drama free is the way to be


How to Avoid Drama


  1. Stay away from people you don’t like. Stay out of abusive relationships and lastly, stay away from liars and cheaters!
  2. Stay with your true friends! Don’t hang out with gossipers, drama queens, or not your true friends. If a secret slips with one of your fake friends its out.
  3. If there is a person/friend that is creating drama and you don’t like it, then let go of that person. You can’t deal with your drama and theirs!
  4. Don’t associate with bad people, even in secret. They’ll still get you in trouble.
  5. Talk to someone about it, whether it be a friend, counselor, whatever. Get it out, write it down. Don’t cramp it all in your head!
  6. Keep a positive attitude through everything, but not too positive so it looks like you don’t care about the whole situation.

~Just A Confused Girl~


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