Mental Gems: Diamonds in the Rough


How do you avoid negative people? Negative people are the ones that will probably leave you with feelings of doubt, pangs of guilt, or take away from your self-worth. They definitely can trigger our mental illness symptoms. 

No matter who is negative in your life, if their talks are depleting you of your mental energy, and sapping your hopes, they are not good for you. So be on your guard, build a stronger mental base so you are not effected as much by their discouraging opinions and talks.

  • Negative people can spread their depressing outlook – it tends to be contagious. If you spend too much time around them, loved ones will start to notice a downward trend in your behavior and outlook. If this happens, remember to take ‘breaks’ from them when you need to spend a long period of time with them.
  • Try making new friends with positive and enthusiastic people – you find them everywhere! If you need other uplifting things to do, try doing community service or helping others to get that warm fuzzy feeling. Religious groups are often a source of hope. Learn something new. Try yoga or meditation: focus on the good.
  • Negativity has its base in the negative emotion of fear. Banish fear, discard it, uproot it and throw it out of your life. Negativity is created by the media, so avoid watching too much of television, listening to radio news, or discussing depressing world events with people.
  • Change your pattern of thinking and see that people will get more attracted to you. Maintaining a positive attitude will not only increase your popularity, but will also bring more positivity in your life.

To add to this Mental Gem, my daughter will be writing a post about “teen drama” and how to stay away from it later on.

~Stay Strong~



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