You are not alone

My daughter showed me this video and I thought it was important to post it on Youth Of A Nation. To all of you that might be feeling some of the same things that Adam did please reach out! Go to COMUNICATE WITH OTHER TEENS on my blog or feel free to Email Us Everything said would be confidential…just between us 🙂 For all my readers, lets put the word out there that these kids need help! Awareness and education is key!

~Stay Strong~


One thought on “You are not alone

  1. It’s amazing how many teens do feel so many of the things Adam does. I remember some of those insecure and “unimportant” moments in my teens.

    It is so important to help these young people to discover their worth and give them positive direction early in life. What you are doing here is very important work, and I pray it will be successful.

    Keep reaching out…


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