A little about our blog

Welcome to Youth of A nation! I am a mother of 5 beautiful children. Four years ago I met my husband. He had two children from a previous marriage as did I. Since then we decided to have a child together which makes 5! It’s definitely challenging at times but the key is to work as a team. After I had my now 2 year old I have had a few health issues which can make things even harder. I have been suffering from Anxiety, Panic disorder, OCD , and depression since I was a little girl. Of course when I was younger I had no idea what was wrong with me. On top of all of that I developed a Chronic pain Illness as well.  Now I have a son who suffers from some of the same symptoms that I have experienced . One of my other children suffers from ADHD . He struggles day to day but is making amazing progress. There are so many road bumps  in our life that can trigger these Illnesses and I would like to touch base on some of these issues. I have researched  everything from mental health disorders to parenting skills and so on. There will be information about parenting from time to time as well as mental health. In my life it is important for me to include the two…my mental health and my parenting. I WANT TO MAKE THIS AN OPEN BLOG AS WELL.  I can use your help by sending me your knowledge, Ideas and thoughts, quotes etc… Everything  sent to me will get credit where credit is due. Please fell free to contact me. This blog is for all of those who need more information on their conditions or would like to contribute to the cause. The more we learn, the more we can try to live somewhat functional lives. So by all means stay for a while and check out “our Home”.

         ~Dedicated to my amazing and wonderful son~    

Some of the most extraordinary people have ever met are suffering from some form of mental illness their pain forces them to be honest it doesn't get any realer than that

~Stay Strong~ 



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