Our lives are constantly changing.   Some days everything seems to be going our way:  we get all the lucky breaks, make all the green lights, get the parking place right up front, find money in a coat pocket.  Other days, not so much:  someone breaks up with us, we lose our job, get into an accident, break our favorite gadget etc…

It’s easy to feel gratitude on those good days.  We are grateful because good things are happening, and we like that! However, we must also learn to be genuinely grateful on those not-so-great days. We can try to learn to find the blessing even in those not so great situations.  The secret is to learn to stand our ground without resisting what is. On days when there is a strong undertow, the only safe thing to do is to keep both feet firmly planted in the ever-shifting sand and just let the sea take whatever it will.   Eventually it will become sated and stop.  If you drop something into the water and the sea tries to take it, just let it go.  If you give up your footing to go after it, you risk getting swept out to sea, where you could drown in just a few feet of water. I know how very hard it is to do because I am still working on this everyday. 

We live, we learn, we grow

~Stay strong~



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