Mental Gems: Diamonds in the Rough

A very important conversation with my mom included the discussion about what I want to live for.

It was about growing up.

It was about having meaning and purpose.  What gives me meaning?  What pushes me forward and makes me HAPPY TO BE ALIVE?

So I realized that this was a very important question and this is one of the things that is pushing me forward.  It is helping me not give up.  What gives me meaning?  Lots of things.  My dogs, my husband, my family, pens, geodes, random doodles, this blog…

Creating and posting on this blog was the first thing I did to help me move forward after my major depressive episodes a few months back.  Posting, giving advice, helping others in similar situations, educating people on an underworld they didn’t even know about…this gives me meaning.

And from there things just rocketed up into all of the things I can do.  I just need to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

– Amethyst


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