Mental Gems:Diamonds in The rough


It takes courage to accept and find compassion for our fears and weaknesses. It takes even more courage to allow others to see our dark clouds and to see us as we really are. Yet by allowing ourselves to be seen – by doing our best to be fully ourselves in all our strengths and weaknesses – our relationships can grow richer, deeper, and more meaningful.

This may be awkward at first. It can be challenging, as some people are unable or unwilling to accept certain parts of who we are. Some may even reject us or ask us not to be our real selves with them. These individuals might come around or they might not have a place in your life if they can not accept us for who we are. those who want to be apart of our lives regardless of our clouds will see us becoming more real and honest with them, many will also be inspired to be more real and honest with us. Thus, instead of continually avoiding or denying those clouds or dark layers in both ourselves and others, we open to a deeper, more authentic way of living and relating with others.
As these hidden parts of ourselves are accepted and forgiven life gradually becomes fuller and more free as we no longer have to expend so much energy in supporting a mask or persona. I believe we are more able to accept and enjoy who we are with all our strengths and weaknesses.

~Stay Strong~



4 thoughts on “Mental Gems:Diamonds in The rough

  1. this is beautiful..and so very true. too often, we hide all our darkness from our loved ones..or new friends etc. and this is masking who we really are. thank you for this inspiration!


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